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Luxury Rigid Box Products

Luxury Rigid Box Products produced from rigid material that provides superior protection. These magnetic lid boxes might be typically in shape of cubic or rectangular. Can be customized with inlays specially designed for your fragile products. Provides an exclusive and special unboxing experience by magnetic closure. Protects your products from dangers such as scratches and crushing. Fully customizable depending on the features you select. A window can be added to make the product stand out even more. An almost endless selection of colors, patterns and prints. Other options: Hot foil, Spot UV, all lamination options (i.e., matte/glossy cellophane, varnish, soft touch, non-scratch etc..), embossing, debossing, accessories (i.e., ribbon, tassel, PVC, extra sleeve to protect the main box)

Luxury Rigid Box Products

The most common type of packaging is called a rigid box or rigid mailer which is made from paperboard material that includes cardboard or corrugated fiberboard along with other components like Kraft paper and polystyrene foam board which are then assembled together using various folding techniques to form a Luxury Rigid Box Products.

As Artas Packaging which is located in Turkey, we are proud to produce both Tube Boxes and Luxury Custom Gift Boxes. Our Tube Boxes, whose market share is growing rapidly with each passing day, is unrivaled at the top in price / quality balance with the durability and ergonomics it offers.

By evaluating the demands of our customers, the most suitable design and outer label for the product is designed, revisions are made. Appropriate printing molds are prepared for the requested products, raw material stocks are determined and transferred to our production department.

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