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As Artaş Pack, we are manufacturing in our 6000 m2 factory located in Hadimkoy, Istanbul. We carry out the production of both raw rigid boxes and cylinder boxes under the same roof.

We are located in Hadımköy district of Istanbul, the heart of Turkey. We are at your service with our factory established against wind roses located on Hadimkoy road. Yeşilbayır Mahallesi Yapı Caddesi N: 26/E 34555 HADIMKÖY/ISTANBUL



Artaş Pack has state-of-the-art automatic box wrapping and box making equipment, which allows us to accept large-scale orders. We have a daily order capacity of 30,000 pieces in cylinder boxes and 10,000 pieces per day in Draft Boxes.(In models where manual labor is predominant, the customs may vary)

The main material is paper, and its derivatives also consist of other side materials.


Although there are 1000 pieces per design, it is limited by production capacity.


Our average delivery time is 3 weeks.

As ArtaşPack, we guarantee our products. In addition, our quality standarts based on “aql 2.5”

Our products do not have a shelf life, but due to the nature of the materials used, they should not be kept in wet or humid environments.

Production wastage is ±10% for orders under 10.000 pieces and ±5% for orders over 10.000 pieces. In case of deficiency, please forward your orders by taking these wastage rates into consideration, considering that the reproduction time will be as long as the standard order production time.

  • fancy paper
  • screen printing
  • metalised printing
  • foil stamping
  • gofre
  • lacquer
  • cellophane printing
  • offset printing

It is not possible to adjust the closing tightness of the lid; demands such as “close sweet-hard”, “close tight”, and “close loose

We are the company with the most diameter options in Turkey, you can check here for our diameter list.


Our ISO 22000 certification guarantees that we maintain the highest food safety standards throughout the entire packaging process, making us a reliable choice for food and beverage packaging solutions.


Sorry, we do not provide graphics services.


Yes, we do .Generally speaking, if we need to specify, our unprinted sample time is 3 working days, and the basic cost is 50 USD, our printed sample time is 5 working days, and the basic cost is 150 USD.

If the samples are not as good as you expect, we will be waiting for you to return the sample charge or give us permission for the improvement process until the samples feel good.


Of course! We can prepare a special sample set for you to see our product quality and have a better idea about the models we produce. For this just send your request to the address.

We accept AI and PDF files as vectors for sample image, and we will provide free design for you, and we will also provide free three-dimensional box modeling of the final version of your design for free.


The size, box type, printing, finishing, quantity, the material you want to be used for, the method of shipment, etc. as such, we will be requesting as much information as possible from you. If you don’t have any design in mind don’t worry, contact us and we will guide you in the healthiest way

50% prepayment the remaining 50% is as before shipment


Yes, We have agreements with both domestic and international shipping companies


First of all, we would like to inform you that we have insurance for damages during transportation to the company that bases the transportation. For errors other than shipping, we have to ask you to tell us what the problem is with the video and photos before sending you the new products. In addition, we would like to add that we transmit photos and video content to you after the products are ready.

When you arrive in Istanbul, we will be happy to welcome you if you inform us in advance of the available time frame.

We produce all the stages of rigid and tube box production in our production facility, from the order stage to the delivery stage, in-house.

  • Complete Technical Information for Price Request (Customer)
  • Price Offer Approval (Customer)
  • Transmission of Knife Mark in accordance with Technical Demand (Artaş)
  • Dressing the Graph on the Knife Mark (Customer)
  • Submission of the Graphic Work for Customer Approval (Artaş)
  • Control of Graphic Work and Written Order and Graphic Approval (Customer)
  • Payment as agreed (Customer)
  • Processing of the Order and Preparation of the Products within the Specified Deadline (Artaş)


We produce recycled materials in all of our products that are close to 100%.

Our FSC certification is a guarantee that the packaging materials used by the company come from controlled forests and shows the importance we attach to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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