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Cardboard Paper Box and Rigid Box: Artaş Pack Offering Two Different Production Techniques Together

Artaş Pack provides quality, speed and price advantages by producing cardboard paper box and rigid box under a single roof. While cardboard cylinder boxes attract attention with their flexibility and customization possibilities, cardboard rigid box are preferred for durability and product protection. Our company produces solutions suitable for the needs of its customers by offering both techniques and features together. Our boxes in customized designs and sizes offer versatile options to meet the demands of customers, while continuing to offer solutions that will ensure the image of their brands and the safety of their products.

cardboard box production

Cardboard cylinder boxes are the perfect solution, especially for packaging tubular products. They stand out with their flexibility and practicality. As Artaş Pack, we offer the opportunity to customize these cylinder boxes in line with the specific needs of our customers. With special prints and sizes that reflect the identity of the brands, we produce packaging that will make their products unique.

Stamping boxes are solid and robust boxes. Ideal for protecting products, these boxes are especially preferred for packaging sensitive or heavy products. Known for their durability, cardboard boxes contribute to the image of brands in terms of aesthetics as well as ensuring the safety of products.

As Artaş Pack, we produce solutions for our customers’ needs by offering both techniques and features together with our expertise in the production of cardboard paper box and rigid box. Our boxes in special designs and sizes can be customized to best meet the wishes of our customers. In this way, we offer an excellent experience in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. We continue to produce boxes that reflect the strength and authenticity of our customers’ brands while protecting their products.

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