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How are Cylinder Box Prices Determined?

In this blog post, we will examine how cylinder box prices are determined and the price advantages offered by Artaş Pack. Cylinder boxes are a type of packaging that offers an aesthetic and functional solution in product packaging and presentation, and has increased in popularity in recent years. As Artaş Pack, with 37 years of experience, we offer custom-made paper tubes to distinguished brands in Turkey and abroad.

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Factors Affecting Cylinder Box Prices:

  • Material: The materials used in the production of cylinder boxes are one of the most important factors in determining prices. Different materials such as cardboard, plastic, metal and wood can be used. Cardboard is the most common and affordable option. Plastic and metal boxes are more durable, but their prices are higher. Wooden boxes are preferred for special and luxury items and are the most expensive option.
  • Size: The size of cylinder boxes plays an important role in determining the price. Larger boxes require more material and production time. Therefore, they are more expensive than smaller boxes.
  • Thickness: The thickness of the cardboard of cylinder boxes is also a factor that affects prices. Thicker cardboard produces more robust and durable boxes. Therefore, they are more expensive than boxes made of thinner cardboard.
  • Printing: Cylinder boxes can be printed with logos, text or images. The type of printing and the number of colors are also among the factors affecting prices. More complex and colorful prints are more expensive than simpler prints.
  • Quantity: The quantity of cylinder boxes ordered plays an important role in determining the prices. For wholesale orders, the price per unit is lower.
  • Design: Custom-designed cylinder boxes are more expensive than standard boxes. The complexity and originality of the design plays a decisive role in the price.

Price Advantages of Artaş Pack:

As Artaş Pack, we make great efforts to offer cylinder boxes at the most affordable prices. Thanks to our own production facilities and extensive supplier network, we offer the most attractive prices to our customers by minimizing costs.

The main reasons for our price advantages:

  • Our own production facilities: We carry out all production stages of cylinder boxes in our own facilities. In this way, we keep costs under control without depending on intermediary companies.
  • Wide supplier network: We work with a wide network of suppliers to obtain raw materials and other production materials at the best prices.
  • Wholesale production: By producing in high quantities, we reduce costs per unit.
  • Efficient production systems: Thanks to our production systems focused on continuous improvement and innovation, we reduce costs by shortening production times and minimizing waste.
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Environmentally Friendly Production:

As Artaş Pack, we have an environmentally friendly production approach. We use recyclable and sustainably sourced materials in the production of our cylinder boxes. We apply technologies and methods that prevent environmental pollution in our production processes.


Cylinder box prices are affected by many factors. As Artaş Pack, we offer cylinder box solutions for every budget with our wide range of material, size, thickness, printing and design options. Thanks to our own production facilities, extensive supplier network and efficient production systems, we guarantee the best prices.

We also contribute to sustainability by producing eco-friendly cylinder boxes with our environmentally friendly production approach.

We offer first-class cylinder boxes that not only protect your products but also elevate your brand. Contact us now for a quote and detailed information. We look forward to being your business partner!

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